Beautiful (Christina Aguilera) – Otamatone Cover

I’m sure that if the Otamatone had been available at the time, Christina Aguilera would have debuted this heartwrenching song with proper instrumentation.

I have been playing the Otamatone for several years after I became convinced that it was the perfect combination of expressive musical instrument and rubber-faced puppet! I love showing people how expressive it can be.

I played the piano and Otamatone for this video, filmed and edited it in a single evening at the studio.

About me: I’m a musician and recording engineer in Seattle.

Along with Otamatone, I play piano, violin, bagpipes, dobro, banjo and many other instruments. I run a audio/video recording studio in Seattle called Empty Sea Studios. I also run a streaming video service for roots and acoustic music called Check em out!

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